14 September 2011

City Hall

To be honest, baseball means nothing to me. I won tickets to the first game ever played at Pac Bell Park, and I gave them away. This October something happened in our house that may never happen again. We got baseball fever. Impossible, most that know us would say. We took our children to bars to watch the games, let them stay up late to catch the last inning, ran into their room to let them know who won if they fell asleep, and listened on our transistor radio during dinner. I began to understand what this sort of mania means to a family, to a town, to a community. Being at City Hall during the 27th out of Game 5 was one of the most joyous events I have ever witnessed. This is a town conlficted when it comes to unity. A people who believe in diversity but can never seem to agree on anything. I haven't watched a World Series since our parents drove us over the mountains to game 2 of Battle of the Bay. I have no idea who won last year or the year before that. I do know that the San Francisco Giants are the 2010 World Series Champions. I do know that even the sunset was orange fading to black on the evening of the parade. I do know that this team of athletes did something this year that 54 teams before them could not do. They brought a championship home. They brought a wacky group of misfits together...the town not the team.

Bruce Bochy for President!

19 September 2010

today is a good day

A month into this adventure, and I have tried many new things. Business plans, new projects, and fresh batches of applesauce and tomato sauce make up my day. Fresh juices in the morning. New recipes from old books I adore at night. Reading, writing and arithmetic seem to find their way into September. Tsah has hit his groove of school 5 days a week, and Italy B and I are enjoying our girlie afternoons, while the gentlemen in our lives are hard at work. Today included a send off before dawn for Apis, who jetted to D.C for a week full of work, a walk in the mist to Golden Gate Park, the Academy of Sciences, taking in the weekly Lindy lessons, Blue bottle cap, and the library. Quiet time, quiet afternoon. Sunday Sunday. I love this town.

07 August 2010

7:taking the plunge

Today I booked myself a 3 day cleanse for next week. This has been on my list of things to try for years. so here we go checking things off my list...I am a little nervous and very excited. I have heard mixed reviews from others who have tried this. I am sure it will not be easy, I hope it will be worth it! What is on your list of things to try?

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06 August 2010

6:A trinity of spice

Having made some version of guacamole almost everyday this week, I am tweaking my version of perfection. Well not there quite yet, I have found a most necessary mix of ingredients. Roast three serrano chilies at 425 until they pop. Chop off the tops and add to a mini cuisinart with a handful of sliced scallions. Add two rinsed bunches of cilantro and the juice of 4 limes. Mix until a smooth paste. Add to avocado and sliced cherry tomatoes for excellent guacamole. Smear on roasted or grilled meats or mix with yogurt for a veggie/naan dip. THIS IS SPICY....and that is so good!

p.s. this will store for a day or two. I marked it spicy so as not to surprise anyone.

05 August 2010

5: One minus eight plus three

I knew this day would come. I have been looking forward to it for years. It went off without a hitch. A day at the beach with my two oldest and best friends from childhood and the seven little ones we have collectively produced in the last five year. A surreal moment of memories and reality. Swims to the raft for the first time for the oldest two,  an hour at the grocery store for me sorting out what seven children could possible eat in one afternoon, dinner on the deck with all around one table taking in the view and chatty catch ups with friends that are truly family.

4: 4 years old in traffic

We headed south towards the old Washoe Indian summer camp. A beautiful meadow trail that backs into the Lake. Tsah and Aunt V. chased each others shadows while Italy B and I wandered among the pines. On the walk home, Tsah took his time conducting traffic with every car that passed with his whirly ball paddle. He generously shared his methods with me. A birthday morning worth remembering.