16 June 2010

On the road again

Although I was raised in the third row of a station wagon, let's just note that road trips were not part of my childhood. We were more of an A to B family. If we had somewhere to go, we got there. And then I met my husband.

After 11 years of life with him, it is all about new directions. Sunday drives, walks to the ocean, and a trip to the market all elicit new paths, winding roads, or a neighborhood I have never seen or heard of. Now, he is entrusting me with our children (and his mother for 1500 miles) to get from Boston to San Francisco in July in one piece. This is an epic non A to B trip for me. My own expectations are to explore and enjoy it, not just focus on the end result and just maybe find that tiny little market in a nowhere town that sells the best peach pie in South Dakota.

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