06 August 2010

6:A trinity of spice

Having made some version of guacamole almost everyday this week, I am tweaking my version of perfection. Well not there quite yet, I have found a most necessary mix of ingredients. Roast three serrano chilies at 425 until they pop. Chop off the tops and add to a mini cuisinart with a handful of sliced scallions. Add two rinsed bunches of cilantro and the juice of 4 limes. Mix until a smooth paste. Add to avocado and sliced cherry tomatoes for excellent guacamole. Smear on roasted or grilled meats or mix with yogurt for a veggie/naan dip. THIS IS SPICY....and that is so good!

p.s. this will store for a day or two. I marked it spicy so as not to surprise anyone.

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