14 September 2011

City Hall

To be honest, baseball means nothing to me. I won tickets to the first game ever played at Pac Bell Park, and I gave them away. This October something happened in our house that may never happen again. We got baseball fever. Impossible, most that know us would say. We took our children to bars to watch the games, let them stay up late to catch the last inning, ran into their room to let them know who won if they fell asleep, and listened on our transistor radio during dinner. I began to understand what this sort of mania means to a family, to a town, to a community. Being at City Hall during the 27th out of Game 5 was one of the most joyous events I have ever witnessed. This is a town conlficted when it comes to unity. A people who believe in diversity but can never seem to agree on anything. I haven't watched a World Series since our parents drove us over the mountains to game 2 of Battle of the Bay. I have no idea who won last year or the year before that. I do know that the San Francisco Giants are the 2010 World Series Champions. I do know that even the sunset was orange fading to black on the evening of the parade. I do know that this team of athletes did something this year that 54 teams before them could not do. They brought a championship home. They brought a wacky group of misfits together...the town not the team.

Bruce Bochy for President!

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