31 March 2010

Beet Salad

My first taste of perfect nectarine, grated carrot salad and fresh beets were experienced in a dining hall in Nice. I was 19 and embarking on a year abroad in Paris. They sent us to Cannes for two weeks in September for orientation, which worked for me. All I remember from that trip was how amazed I was every time I went to the dining hall. I had been to great beaches, I knew how to go out at night, but amazing food at school blew me away.

In the years since that breakthrough day, I have had beets many ways. Tonight our family sat down and enjoyed our favorite version of beet salad.

Tante Dagmar's Beet Salad
10-12 Roasted Beets, peeled and sliced or cubed
1 diced spring onions
Chopped parsley (to your preference)
Red wine vinegar (a few heavy dashes)
Olive oil (enough to glaze the beets)
Salt and Pepper (to your preference)
Mix and serve

Often, we add a sprinkling of feta. Tonight we shaved in fresh pecorino romano. It literally melted into the vinaigrette and added a delcious nuttiness. Apis and I settled on a pinot blanc or a bright, crisp rose as the perfect pairing.

As we ate, we reminisced on meals that included this underrated vegetable. We settled on one evening, spanning three generations on a terrace in the Southwest of France as our favorite.

Tonight, with my family close, my appetite satiated and my mind full of meals past, I happily cleaned my plate, I mean slate.

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