23 March 2010

Truffled Eggs and Poached Pears to start a Tuesday.

For a three year old and a one year old? Yeah, right, you may be thinking. Give it a shot. Let them decide! The more you expose varied flavors and ingredients to your children, the more they will crave new things.
Truffled Scrambled Eggs: These are delicious on whole grain toast.
  1. Scramble 4- 6 eggs in a bowl
  2. Heat (medium) non stick or cast iron pan with a little olive oil or butter. Add eggs.
  3. Cook eggs for 2-3 minutes until desired consistency., stirring often.
  4. Add a smidgen of truffle salt and pepper
  5. Plate and enjoy!
Poached Pears: Serve with Plain Yogurt. The sugar in the pears will flavor the yogurt.
  1. Skin 2 pears (if desired) and cut into slices.
  2. Place pears in a bowl and add a bit of water (not to cover, but enough to help them cook.)
  3. Cook in Microwave for two minutes, to soften pears, and reduce water
  4. Mix with yogurt or let cool and serve.

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