08 July 2010

Heading East to end up West is well worth it!

Yesterday, we had coffee and muffins on the Yale campus. Tsah was in awe of the buildings. He thought they all looked like churches. We carried on to the beautiful town of Chatham,  for a few days of cousins and good chats.  We watched future MLB players, who play all summer in the Cape Cod league, coach X on his ground dimples doubles (if you have ever met him, you know what I mean.). At the playground, we met children, who brought their children who are bringing their children to the same spot every year. We went to an amazing beach where the children frolicked all afternoon.Both of our children boogie boarded for the first time. Italy loved floating along on her own mini surfboard. Miss Ambrose spent the afternoon like a little fish in the inlet current. We are now home, freshly scrubbed from the sea, sitting down to a meal of grilled meats and shortcake with berries and cream.  Our stay at the "Peace and Quiet" brought much of the former and a pleasant demise of the latter. 

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