16 July 2010

Sweet Water

We headed to the border on Wednesday morning. After convincing customs that I was, in fact, NOT selling our car on the grey market and hitchhiking back to the States with our children and my mother in law, we headed to Niagara Falls. It is a beautiful place to see. One you can check off your bucket list after five minutes, but well worth the effort to get there. We had lunch on Lake Ontario, spent the night on Lake Erie and headed to Lake Huron the next day.  I had promised beach time, so the children and I headed down to the water around 5pm. A huge storm headed in just as we took our first dips, so we fled the lighting on the water with the rest of the beach goers. We went back to the 19th century B&B to watch the storm from the front porch. This morning after a breakfast feast, we decided we were up to the "scenic route." Ten hours later we arrived at White Lake in Western Michigan. Boats are moored, families are dining, and the sun is setting. Another day down. 

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