13 July 2010

"There is a lot of different country"

That was his quote as we drove from town to town the last few days: Boston to Amherst to Williamstown to Sunderland to Bennington to Seneca Lakes. A lot of green, a lot of campuses, a couple of fantastic museums, one beach and a lot of help from yelp in the food department.  We have been very busy bees.  Of course, food and wine being what drives us along, we ate a delicious dinner at Blue Heron, had a staggering wait but good coffee and conversation at Wheatberry, and discovered the Hay Market Cafe.

The Eric Carle Museum began with story hour, two tired littles during the exhibit, a book signing, and a fantastic art studio that perked us all up. We spent a long time in their book store trying to choose a memory.

At the the Clark Art Institute on the Williams campus, he thought the impressionist paintings looked like earthquakes. He decided he did not like one of Picasso's series because he "does not like to look at naked people." He was twirled like a dancer every time he pointed out a Degas. He also chose one painting to draw in his sketchbook.  A highlight was when Maker (she chose this name), ran into an old friend from San Francisco who lives in Boston, when walking into the museum. They met up for a long dinner of catch up. The children and I had an early bite and played with rocks and sticks in the garden on the hotel.

We headed out early this am thanks to Italy B's 6:00 am rise and shine song. It was off to Vermont for coffee. We followed route 7 and 20 to Black Cat Cafe in Sharon Springs. We picked up an offering of sandwiches and cookies and were off again. We stopped at Bob and Joanne's roadside farm stand, where we got local gossip and directions to Glimmer Glass Lake for a picnic. At long last, we arrived in Seneca Falls. We found nourishment in the local brass band playing in the park across the street in the pouring rain. We danced and danced and arrived back at the hotel soaked and happy. Now we are cozy in our room ready for Day 4!

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