27 July 2010

An open note

The last 27 days were a kind of whirlwind I had never experienced. I am grateful to our friends and family for being incredible. For those of you who put us up (and put up with us!), thank you. By sharing your special corners of this beautiful country, you opened our eyes and hearts to what summer means from sea to shining sea. I was struck daily by the beauty of the back roads, the people connected to these places, and the feeling of what it means to be an American.  I would like to especially thank my sweet in-laws and adorable husband, for their confidence in me and their support throughout the trip. Maker is a fine road tripper should any one of you ever need a Thelma to your Louise! Most of all, I would like to thank our lovely children. You two make my heart melt. You were both troopers. You usually accepted my endless "we will be there in about twenty minutes," and you showed your true pioneer spirits. You both own a sense of adventure that no one can ever take from you. I wish you many safe and happy road trips with those you love. Signing off from the City by the Bay, MDE

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